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Author: Scarlett James

Scarlett to Headline Swizzerland

Headliner Scarlett James in Switzerland

Headliner Scarlett James In Switzerland for the famous Burlesque Festival! Switzerland has been waiting for this special and sparkling event. It’s time to show the sensuality of this country and celebrate the femininity and the art of burlesque. The Swiss Burlesque Festival…

View on the the Burj Khalifa

Burj Khalifa! The Burj Khalifa is in the backyard of one of my friends who lives in Dubai, I had the pleasure of a January BBQ and a special Light show celebrating the Chinese new year. what a treat after…

Post show day

Well deserve beach day and night out downtown!  And seriously, friends have the #BurjKhalifa in their backyard… could not believe it!

pre show Buddha bar

Pre show day @Buddhabardubai

Pre show day Pre show day getting all prepared for my big night! Day 3 in #Dubai So spoiled here at the prestigious Grosvenor house. Rehearsal is too early for the weak of heart but it takes what it takes…

Scarlett James takes over Dubai!

Scarlett takes over Dubai! Dubai! It’s OFFICIAL ladies & Gents, So proud to announce that I will headline the Chinese new year party @buddhabardubai February 17th 🙂 Featuring @djivyv And Chinese Jazz singer #Amy #internationalshowgirl #burlesque #dubai