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Have you ever wondered how the backstage of a burlesque show went?

For each artist who will perform, it is necessary to set up the scenery and adjust the lights in relation to the sound.

They repeat one last time to make their mark on the stage to occupy all available space. Each artist has his/her own music corresponding to his/her numbers. Behind each issue there is a story created by the artist that is told through his character. The lights are set to highlight certain parts of the body and moments, to gives depth to the choreography.

As for the decor, it is unique, it allows to dive into the burlesque world of Scarlett James, the curtain at the back of the stage recalls the show of a bygone era.
Then, make up for makeup!

It must be pronounced in order to be visible during the show. It accentuate the facial expressions of the artists, because the lights have the expressions melt and become invisible to the eyes of the spectators.

Expressions are important because they allow the artist to convey the feelings of the character to the public.

Then, last retouching of the costume …

Because everything must be perfect for the guests, the costumes complete the characters, they each have a particular style, they make the show unique.

Finally place to the show! To get an idea of ​​what is happening behind the curtains, here are pictures taken a few hours before the start of the performance at the Imperial Bell in Quebec during the Scarlett Grande Revue, the 20th of April …

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