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Scarlett James takes over Dubai!

Scarlett takes over Dubai! Dubai! It’s OFFICIAL ladies & Gents,   So proud to announce that I will headline the Chinese new year party @buddhabardubai February 17th 🙂 Featuring @djivyv And Chinese Jazz singer #Amy #internationalshowgirl #burlesque #dubai

girlcrush 168 burlesque

scarlett James the girl crush

La voir en spectacle, c’est changer sa conception de la séduction. # girlcrush Scarlett James, la diva effeuilleuse du burlesque québécois [Girl Crush 168] Voir l’article original de @tonbarbier ICI Vous connaissez bien la scène burlesque montréalaise ? Ou alors pas du tout…

Mirror mirror…

With my Mirror on the wall, I wanted to shoot with famous Montreal photographer Frank Lam as after all these years we never had a chance. It was meant to be as we are now published in one of the most…

White Keys Vodka – Final Chapter

Montreal Burlesque Festival, White Keys Vodka and Scarlett James are truly excited to collaborate in order to offer you an unforgettable experience October 19th, 20th & 21st. Lots of shows and activities all week end long! MONTREALBURLESQUEFESTIVAL.CA

girlcrush 168 burlesque

White Keys Vodka – Chapter 5

There! Let’s cheers! To health and to the delight to see you at the Montreal Burlesque Festival! Together, we shall enjoy Maximiliano’s creations with White Keys Vodka. As for me, I’ll slip in something a little more comfortable 😉

White Keys Vodka – Chapter 4

That’s it! Resistance is futile! Let’s pour ourselves a wonderful mixture! after much debate, I will settle for the “Angie NewYorkini” with an orange zest. Another wonderful creation by Maximiliano. The Montreal Made White Keys Vodka is quite versatile I…

White Keys Vodka – Chapter 3

Ah! I finally got my hands on the highly coveted elixir! The subtle flavors concocted especially for the Festival brings me so much joy, thanks to White Keys Vodka! The fruits, the tanginess, the spices… a knowledgeable dosage and balance…

White Keys Vodka – Chapter 2

I feel so warm, under this cascade of feathers I want to be refreshed and my thirst quenched. I have so many things to discover at the festival and I was thinking, Maybe the”Dirty” signature cocktail made for our Headliner…