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Scarlett talks FAM Burlesque’s highlights

FAM Burlesque… what a show

FAM; Burlesque extravaganza, music, Big Band , held at Club Soda, Montreal, on June 25th, 2016.

First, we had a great video team at the venue. I am really happy that it was filmed! Maybe one day I will show you. In the meantime for those who missed it here is a little recap…
We started real strong at rehearsal, everyone was running around. each of us knew what to do but for my partner, Femme Fatale Entertainment it was their first experience as co-producer for a large public event like this. We were a little stressed but the highlight is the company co-producer, Melody Boutin, who’s pregnant up to her eyeballs and full of hormones! She is about to explode as she walks on stage for soundcheck.

Her soundcheck song: Bound to you.
I always feel very sentimental when she sings “bound to you” because of the emotionally-charged lyrics… But then BOOM! she cracks! Oh, such a precious moment! I was so happy and felt that it was the moment where she really came into her own and became a producer! The overflow of stress pouring out of her. Domenic Castelli our production manager consoling her and me fanning her with an ostrich feather fan. (For once they were used for a real purpose lol!) She was so hot and trembling! Ah….the pleasure of producing!

Nothing could beat that moment. The show was equally phenomenal with lots of choreography and songs. Benjamin Marquisthe MC entertained the crowd ever so eager to see more. Duo Miraka, a circus act, gave chills and goosebumps. I think I did not do bad at all with my 3 acts.
Christian Leclair and his Big Band was solid and it reminded me how much I love to dance to live music. The energy with a live band is indeed electrifying!
It all ended with the public giving us a standing ovation with much “gusto”!! We were so proud!

I cannot tell you too much but the girls and I were all relieved and sad that after the show. So many months of rehearsal, practices and costume making it was already over! NO!!!! So many preparations and gone too quickly I tell you, too quickly!

Please enjoy our pictures, you may get a glimpse of glamour from our fantastic night. It will make you anticipate Montreal Burlesque Festival‘s festivities in October!


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