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International Burlesque Queen celebrates 10 years in showbiz!

Scarlett James recently held a celebration of 10 years in burlesque with her one-night event, the Scarlett James Grande Revue, at Club Soda, Montreal. It was a night filled with excitement and glamour!
Here is a sample of press coverage from the fantastic night…click the links below to see how it was featured in the local media. news-release/2018/04/10/ 1467914/0/fr/Spectacle- Scarlett-James-Grande-Revue- au-Club-Soda.html news-release/2018/04/10/ 1467914/0/en/Scarlett-James- Grande-Revue-at-Club-Soda.html 594c5fa4-9ea4-4d7a-a3da- 215719db3587__7C___0.html

http://www.journaldemontreal. com/2018/03/18/scarlett-james- de-marchande-de-poissons-a- reine-du-glamour

https://quebec.huffingtonpost. ca/2018/04/27/scarlett-james- le-burlesque-a-l-etat-pur_a_ 23422237/ opinion/columnists/ empowerment-and-security- within-burlesque-community

http://www.journaldemontreal. com/2018/05/05/7-choses- etonnantes-et-glamour-a- lanniversaire-de-lartiste- burlesque-scarlett-james 2018/01/19/scarlett-james-la- diva-effeuilleuse-du- burlesque-quebecois-girl- crush-168 web/news814.html montreal-events-in-april-2018/

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