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Scarlett Grande Revue – The Birth!

Today, let’s tell you about how the Scarlett Grande Revue was born.

Created by Scarlett James, the Scarlett Grande Revue is the “little sister” of the Grand Burlesque show, which began after the creation of the Montreal Burlesque Festival, in 2010. The artist decided to make a final edition in 2013 before taking a break.

Scandale was later created, a show related to an exhibition on the history of Montreal in the 30s, 40s and 50s at the Centre d’histoire de Montréal. The exhibition was also a tribute to Lili St-Cyr, the great Burlesque star in Montreal, although she was an American.


Then, two years ago, the Scarlett Grande Revue was born with the idea to make a tour of it. The first took place at Club Soda, which the artist calls her “burlesque house.”

Subsequently, the troupe performed in various shows, twice in Plattsburgh in the United States, Toronto and today in collaboration with Evenko the troupe performs in several venues in Montreal, Quebec City or Brossard.

The show features several artists, all very different from each other, each artist brings his/her touch of originality, which makes the show unique.

These artists whom Scarlett James refers to as the “burlesque veterans” in Montreal all started burlesque at about the same time.

They perform one or two numbers. The choice is made by Ms. James.

The troupe is composed of artists with whom Scarlett works with for a long time, they are headliners with experience, know-how and qualities at the height of a show of this magnitude.

But the troupe remains open, the artist recently added a newcomer burlesquer in the Montreal burlesque industry. She likes to encourage new talent and loves that it adds variety and spice to the Scarlett Grande Revue, although the artist is very loyal to her troupe of artists in whom she has complete confidence.

If you want to know more about the Scarlett Grande Revue, I invite you to visit:

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