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Scarlett James’ USA mini-tour recap

I just came back from a short tour in the USA! I wanted to share with you all my thoughts and experiences from the tour. Enjoy!

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Hi Denver! I just adore every minute I spent there! To welcome me in this wonderful city, Sofia Soubrette and Naughty Pierre caught me right off the plane, I did not have to wait a sec! that starts the trip really well! I Got a big hug right from the start!
Sofia came to sing at the Montreal Burlesque Festival in 2015 but as I was in the turmoil of production I did not get a chance to spend time with her so I am looking forward to this trip.
So, on our merry way to the train, a smooth ride right into the heart of the city BUT! half way through I got baptised by the overwhelming, and I mean it, fragrance of the holy Cannabis plantations around. And it is spring… it is STRONG!

I don’t think anyone living in that particular suburb needs to smoke at all, just has to breath the air! LOL! But that is not where we are staying so I am able to keep my head screwed on right 🙂
I have the privilege to be welcomed to Sophia and Pierre’s house and I got to meet the cutest boy ever… his name, Croissant.

Love at first sight with this little one, I tell you! He personally came to get me every morning when it was time to get up! no need for alarms! Croissant comes with a sidekick, Chicharon, as adorable but slightly more timid.
The home is well situated in the older part of the city and has lots of character, charming and very welcoming. Beautiful rooms, well appointed and by the way, it is for sale, as they found a larger place that would accommodate Mister Croissant who aims for more space…
Time to go to the Clocktower Cabaret. This city does not cease to amaze me. the background is the life-size Rockies, and the elevation gives me a bit of a buzz so a Glass of wine will send me over the top!
The Clock Tower Cabaret is located downtown, in… an actual clock tower! who knew! intrigued I follow Pierre inside this beautiful building with big brass doors and I feel like I am going to enter a magic place. I DID!!!!!
This cabaret has about 150 seats, moody lighting, where one can see that every piece of decor has been carefully chosen. I had a feeling to be inbetween reality and a 1910 steampunk turnof the century jewellry box.
So here I am drooling over the grand piano that is on stage on which a very charismatic gentlemen stretches his very skillful fingers.
So happy to be performing in this Legendary venue!
3 nights of wonderful shows, with familiar faces and new ones, all in a remarkable sense of camaraderie I have rarely witness. Impressed on so many levels. High quality of shows, performers, and the staff is very sweet, I highly enjoyed myself.
The weather was very capricious and gave me a whole 24h of snow, I was not expecting that but we managed to escape and run away in the mountains, with my new amoureux Croissant, to witness breathtaking views of the Majestic rockies, on which I stepped on for the 1st time in my life. Memorable. I am more of a beach bum than a mountain goat but I must admit being very taken by this massive beauty.




Time to go to Dallas. An uneventful flight, just like I like them, brings me to the forever summer land and I can feel the heat reaching my bones. A little bit of an extreme opposite with Denver but I love heat so I am quite happy.
LE TEAM! La Divina, Ruby Joule and Diamond Jim expanding their territories for the 1st time to Houston. This little tour is always fantastic and I adore it. The show is always filled with amazing artists and again, familiar faces and new ones. I can catch up with friends, make new ones and I am in glee. The audience is welcoming and participate a lot, it is great for all of us performers as we feed so much on our public. there’s nothing worse than hearing your own heels on the floor!

Happily, Texas is on FIRE! Arrive at the Belmont hotel, a vintage landmark in Dallas where all the Legends of Burlesque would stay when they were touring here. I am excited! The pool calls my name and I am doing yoga in the sun! Paradise. I am rooming with the wonderful Donna Hood, we are on the same wavelength naturally so we are getting along like 2 peas in a pot! Awesomness!
While in Dallas… Shopping for cowboy boots! Off we both go to the BOOT BARN, where endless rows of boots and cowboy gear, from belt to hats, jewelry and souvenirs… overwhelming! We both walked out empty handed, unfortunately they don’t have my size for this one pair I am dying for 🙁 ​

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