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Vermont State Fair Round-up!

Vermont was awesome!

2016-08-20 18.00.00I felt transported back in the 1930’s, only it was not in black and white but in hot vivid colors!
The ambiance backstage was very friendly as I saw familiar faces. A fun reunion in the heat of August as opposed to the Vermont Burrrrlesque Fest. occurring in January!
We were performing under a circus tent. The public was warm and intrigued, they had only heard about
burlesque but only their parents or grandparents had actually seen it as a child peeping through the back door curtain!
Although my Canadian debit card was not working anywhere, as USA banks had changed their chip reader, I managed to get gas, after stopping at 3 different gas stations. Later after the show I got a lovely letter from one of the Gas Station owners apologising about being unable to help us and it made my night! How sweet!
2016-08-20 19.37.59There are still wonderful humans that take the time to write with a pen and paper a little note full of genuine sentiments. I was touched.
2016-08-20 19.47.22Cory, the producer, was as always a pleasure to be around. The stress of the event did not seem to get to him, and the 4 shows went so well. I am not certain who was most excited to be there, the artists or the public!
A very special thanks to our MC, Miss Lili VonSchtupp and Miss Trouble who were sweethearts to help me and my oversized props and complicated music. The Band was a pure delight and to the T with the music, ah… so much fun!

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