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Who Am I?

Hello my lovely readers! As I am updating my blogs, and taking bold steps into the online world of blogging,  I wanted to take this opportunity to re-introduce myself, and let the long time followers, and newcomers know a little more about me.
So, Who am I?
just meI am Scarlett James, an international Burlesque Performer, founder and Producer of the Montreal Burlesque Festival and costume and accessory designer, amongst other things!
I got into Burlesque in 2007 after seeing a Burlesque show for the 1st time, and like a lot of interested viewers,  fell in love with the art form.
I come from a family of artists, both on my mother and my father’s line,  so their was no other way for me but to follow what my genetic makeup predestined me to do; be a creative, out of the box, fashionable, artsy lady!
What was Scarlett James before the world of Burlesque, you might ask? Well, before it became my full time passion, I was at different times a painter by trade, a Make-Up Artist, a Nail Technician and even dipped my toes into acting.
France is where I grew up and where I did all my studies, hence the French accent I like to think I don’t have, lol!
So this is a bit about me! I hope I can entertain all of you with my little slice of life!


  1. Having worked with Scarlett on a couple of occasions I can certainly vouch for not only her professionalism but her undeniable passion for her craft. Scarlett truly devotes herself to bringing a top notch show to her many fans and newbies. if that wasn’t enough, she is also a person with a very big heart and is really the “girl next door” (if you can look past the amazing glitter). It was truly enjoyable to work with you Scarlett (and crew) and it will be one of my most cherished memories. All the best to you (and your man) and for now, au revoir and break a leg!

    Michael Zane

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