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BIOGRAPHY: Scarlett grew up by the seashore of France in Celtic Brittany. She moved to Canada as an ambitious artist and has since become an acclaimed dancer internationally. Scarlett travels the four corners of the globe, headlining events and shows. She is recognized as the main figure for bringing burlesque to the mainstream audience. By producing the Montreal Burlesque Festival, the Grand Burlesque Show, the Scarlett Grande Revue, and other lavish events, Scarlett has become a fixture in the burlesque world. She started her career in 2007 and has since become an ambassador of glamour around the world. Her vlog on YouTube is gaining popularity, as well as her her handmade wearable art, La corneille noire.

THE PERFORMER: Known for her lavish events and foremost for her exquisite performances, Scarlett has performed all over the world. Also, a pioneer, she is the first to perform authentic burlesque in Dubaï (United Arab Emirates) at the legendary Buddha Bar, located in the luxurious Grosvenor House. From Shanghai to Berlin, Brazil to Japan, and also in every great city in between, Scarlett has captivated audiences. Casino de Montreal, Borgata Casino in Atlantic City, Bentley Motors, Moët & Chandon, M1NT Shanghai, Starlink Aviation are amongst the high-profile clientele who love Scarlett. This showgirl is featured on television, radio, newspapers, and magazines such as The Gazette, Shanghai Daily, and KA Magazine.

THE PRODUCER: The Scarlett Grande Revue: Scarlett's very own international traveling show, featuring the best of burlesque, is featured in cities all across North America. Glamorous, fun, cheeky, and filled with tease, humor, circus, and more! The show is produced in collaboration with evenko.

Montreal Burlesque Festival,

Scarlett founded the festival in 2009. Every fall season, she produces this large-scale glamorous event. Three distinctive evenings with different shows featuring different artists. Headliners are hand-picked from the best in the business. The festival presents variety acts, dancing, humor, and singing. The MBF is always colorful, full of fantasy, and sublime costumes. The Montreal Burlesque Festival took place on the 17th, 18th, and 19th of October 2019 at Club Soda, 1225 St Laurent Blvd. They featured international performers and local rising starlets. The festival also held a pageant for Mister & Miss Burlesque Montreal. Additionally, the winners had the opportunity to perform on the main event stage on Saturday night.

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